Hi there! Today I want to talk about why you need a branding board for your website. Don’t forget to sign up to receive a free brand board template to use in CANVA at the end of this blogpost.

Our brand is a marketing tool that helps our audience to identify our product or service from others, and it’s important to be consistent with our branding across all mediums, like your website, social media channels, business cards, and any other designed material, this will help us create recognition, trust, and confidence.

So what is a brand board?

A brand board is a document that displays all the brand elements of your business (logos, colors, fonts, design elements, brand collaterals), and as part of the design process, I ask my clients for their brand elements and guidelines, in most cases, they will provide me with a brand board, or I will work with them to create one.

Understanding your audience and their preferences will help significantly with this process. 

The most common elements of a brand board are:

Logo – A logo can be words, letters, symbols, or characters, and your audience will associate your brand with it. What do you want your logo to communicate, and what values are being portrayed?

Secondary Logo or Logo Variation –  This is useful when using a diversity of touchpoints.

Color palette – Make sure to invest time choosing a color scheme that will evoke the right emotions you want your brand to convey.

You can use tools like Adobe Color and Color wheel from Canva.


Typography – A good rule of thumb is to include two fonts that complement each other (three max). Keep fonts consistently throughout all your marketing materials. You can also use tools like Fontjoy or Canva Font combinations.

Images and inspiration – Photos that best represent your brand and business; typically include colors from your color palette. I love to use images on my website, blog, and social media that fits in with my brand and message.

I use my stock photography membership from Haute StockHaute Stock’s stylish, high-quality images give you the power to create a recognizable brand and the confidence to grow your business. From lifestyle images to laptop mockups to boho desktops, they offer a wide variety of sleek and modern collections.

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