About Us

Creative Web Studio was established in 2014 and has proudly delivered incredible graphic design, brand building, web design, and website creation to our local community of Western Michigan and far beyond.  Driven by a passion for creative business solutions, impactful marketing, and supporting other individuals in the small business/entrepreneurial community, Creative Web Studio’s mission is to build brilliant brands and websites that communicate, sell products and services, and boost profits for our clients.

Meet the team

Claudia Gatti established Creative Web Studio in 2014 with a simple, humble, and service-inspired goal in mind:  Provide other female entrepreneurs and small business owners with a beautiful and robust online presence that expands brand awareness, maximizes profits, and allows every client the ability to compete in a global market.  Through the years, Claudia has been blessed to serve and support small businesses and entrepreneurs alike to cultivate and implement stunning websites and visual design that converts clicks into sales, and bolsters brand awareness.  Her experience, knowledge, and training as a web and visual designer has allowed her to serve her clients in wholly customized and unique ways.

When she is not fortifying the online presence of her clients, Claudia can be found spending time with her husband and furry kids, enjoying long and serene nature walks, or cooking wholesome meals.  Central to her life, however, is her faith.  Claudia believes in living a life embraced by faith and allows it to inform every aspect of her life, ranging from her unwavering commitment to service, dedication to ethical living, and a humble gratitude for all that she is surrounded by.  Creative Web Studios is her way of creating a beautiful life for herself and her family, all while utilizing her gifts to create opportunity and growth to other small businesses such as hers.

Hello, and welcome to Creative Web Studio – I’m Denali.

I am a Project Manager for Creative Web Studio, I am able to live out my passion for creating intricate and beautiful digital designs that deliver outstanding results for my clients every day.  Through my years of experience and education, I have been blessed with a wealth of knowledge, technical skill, and understanding that allows me to create incredible digital, graphic, and marketing designs that help businesses grow.  I believe wholeheartedly in the power of building relationships, and through those relationships expanding reach, building client loyalty, creating fans, promoting brands, naturally growing email lists, and ultimately, maximizing profits.

Beyond my fiery passion for the work I do, I am an avid trail runner and ardent supporter of Nature.  The calming impact of walking or running through the woods helps me center my emotions, spark my creativity, and invigorates my deep gratitude for the wonderful world we live in.  I love cooking foods inspired by my travels, and while my dishes might not match the delicacies I’ve enjoyed abroad, I’m always trying to improve my skills.  I cherish time with my children and partner, and at the core of my joy and gratitude is my faith.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn about Creative Web Studio – we appreciate the opportunity for you to learn about us and how we can help your business.  Contact our team today and let us know how we can help draft the next chapter of your business.

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