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I wanted to write this blog post to share with you and with friends why and how I use my planner on a daily basis, share the benefits of planning and what I do to make it enjoyable.

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How I use my planner

Please note that these are tips based on personal experience, I believe planning works but you don’t have to do it the same way I do it, but its good to have an idea of where to start.

Create a habit

  1. First schedule in your planner time with your planner. (Planning time every week)
  2. Make a habit to use your planner as part of your daily routine, it takes 28 days to make a habit or break on.
  3. Leave your planner where you will see it.
  4. Take your planner with you.

Write a to-do list

Have a notepad handy and jot down everything, goals, tasks, obligations, routines, due dates, and appointments.

Write down goals then outline tasks. For example, your goal is to publish a blog post every week. In order to successfully do this, there are several steps that have to happen to reach that goal, those steps are your tasks.

Prioritize and schedule time blocks

Identify due dates and appointments and transfer them to your planner as they are going to happen. Then mark with a letter or number the priority of each task, chore or obligation. Transfer these onto your planner per priority and use blocks of time to accomplish them. Most calendars have hourly, vertical and horizontal layouts which makes it easy to create your time blocks. Erin Condren has beautiful planners with layouts that suit every need.

I like to have a notepad so, if I schedule a meeting or appointment, I can transfer that nice and neatly to my planner. As your week progresses you will see you will be adding new tasks or appointments.

I am the kind the person that needs reinforced reminders so I don’t lose track of time or obligations. 🙂

I also like to write down my routines or specific weekly or daily tasks, they are helpful and keep me accountable.

What are the benefits?

  1. Saves you time.
  2. You remember more.
  3. Increases your productivity.
  4. You have records.
  5. It helps you stay on track. It gives you a full picture if you are doing progress or staying on schedule.
  6. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment. I find that having a planner reduces stress because you have a written weekly plan and you can evaluate your progress.

What I do to make it enjoyable.

I like to use planner stickers, washi tape, and gel color pens to schedule and organize. For important birthdays I use a birthday cake icon, the same thing I do with groceries, bills, meal plans, even my pedicures! The last thing I must say is that this can be very addicting but that’s ok at the end you will be able to see a good impact in your time management and that is the ultimate goal.

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