Shutterfly - Holiday 2015

Every day brings a new challenge. Personally, my daily motivation comes from my faith in God, and from the little things that surround me. As an entrepreneur my desk is my inspiration station; it’s the small space I call my own and is where I spend a considerable part of my day. For this reason, I decided that I wanted to make my area lovely, organized and practical. Simple details like a calendar, “stationary for the holidays,” a kitty tape dispenser or decorating my wall with my favorite artwork help me get started on the right foot each day. Let me share with you my most useful and favorite tools:

LIFE PLANNER” – This beautiful and functional desk calendar is not only a planner but my assistant too, which helps me stick to my routine and plans as best as possible. I also use my colorful “hot spot highlighters” to mark my appointment slots, block out time to deal with emails, and mark any special dates I need to remember.

Another favorite is the “Composition notebook set.” My awesome and colorful notebooks are perfect for braindumps, big thoughts, good, bad and great ideas. Sometimes these might not mean anything at the beginning, but they can be a crucial part of the masterpiece you put together and help along the road.

I very much encourage you to adorn your workspace with things that make your heart smile, as I am confident that this will trigger your creativity just as it does with me.

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Have a blessed day!